Interview with BRIAN ASTELL, Founder - Trailworks

Brian Astell is a professional mountain bike racer, off-road triathlete, and NESTA certified triathlon and fitness nutrition coach. He competes professionally in many different disciplines including Xterra, Cyclocross, Endurance racing (100 mile mountain bike races), Cross country, Short track, and Enduro.


Rebuild your body at the cellular level- Peter wasowski

Dave Asprey biohacker, author, and founder of Bulletproof speak with our founder Peter Wasowski about how Vasper helps build strong muscles and accelerates healing from the inside out.


vasper is part of TONY ROBBINS’ fitness routine

Tony Robbins burns a staggering number of calories during his live events. Learn more about his fitness and diet routine to find out how.



How to fight muscle loss using vasper - Sebastian Wasowski

Dr. Emily Kiberd, Chiropractic Physician and Founder of Urban Wellness Clinic interviews our Co-Founder Sebastian Wasowski on how Vasper is helping people from all walks of life improve their health and fight muscle loss, naturally.



Decoding superhuman - Sebastian Wasowski

Boomer Anderson, Founder and creator of Decoding Superhuman speaks with our Co-founder Sebastian Wasowski in his podcast



Power of Vasper on Performance



Vasper for rehabilitation and recovery


Capt. Tom Chabie talk about Vasper


vasper for veteran wellness

The Human Performance and Rehabilitation, Colorado Springs center conducted a Vasper pilot study with 20 veterans participating. And within just 12 weeks, the participants reported positive results and most importantly, improved sleep.


Tim schmidt gets a 2-hour workout in 20mins on vasper

Tim Schmidt, CEO Delta Defense LLC and Strategic Coach member uses Vasper to get a 2 hour equivalent workout in just 20 mins and improve his performance.


Dr Jeffrey gladden on vasper

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden at BodyMountain Dallas, TX speaks about Vasper technology and how it helps build muscle, build strength, and boost your body’s ability to recover.