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exercise made simple


At Vasper, we believe that exercise can be easy. Achieve the most significant health benefits of high-intensity exercise in just 21 minutes, without even reaching for a sweat towel. Plus, you’ll have more energy and sleep better too. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, support your mental health, or just squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, Vasper can help. 

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Accelerated Metabolism and Weight Loss

  • Bolstered Cardiovascular Health

  • Optimized Hormone Production

  • Augmented Glucose Metabolism

  • Diminished Stress

  • Enhanced Libido

  • Relieved Pain

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Augmented Cognitive Function

  • Rejuvenated Mood

Dan Sullivan
co-founder,Strategic Coach

 “Over the first 15 months of using [Vasper] more than 3x weekly, I’ve gained 6 pounds of muscle, lost 14 pounds of fat, increased my testosterone score from 379 to 697, and have enjoyed the most relaxed, energized, creative, and productive period of my life. All of this at age 72…my success story has so far persuaded 30+ other Strategic Coach entrepreneurs to purchase their own Vasper.”

dave asprey
Founder & ceo, bulletproof 

“When I can replace 2 ½ hours of cardio with 21 minutes of work, without needing to shower afterwards, all the barriers to exercise drop away. Plus, it works even better. I totally love my Vasper.”

joe polish
founder & ceo, genius network

“In the same way Genius Network strategies can 10x your business, Vasper is that mastermind approach for your health, fitness, and productivity.”

Richard Rossi
founder & ceo, davinci education, inc

“We all want ‘the pill’ – that mystical object that will keep us in optimal mental and physical condition with no work on our part. And we all know there is no ‘pill,’ right? Well I’m convinced Vasper is as close as you can get.”