Vasper Systems



Vasper stands for “Vascular performance”. It is a patented health technology that enables you to reap the benefits of an intensive conventional workout in a short 20 minute low impact session.


How it works

Vasper is based on three scientific principles - Cooling, Compression and Interval Training.


Specific muscle compression during exercise results in higher concentration of lactic acid, creating the “muscle burn” of a much more intense workout. Once concentration of lactic acid reaches a high enough level, the fast twitch muscles signal the brain to trigger systemic recovery response. This leads to natural release of anabolic hormones such as Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.


Active liquid cooling during exercise eliminates or minimizes sweating. It increases the blood oxygen levels resulting in enhanced performance. Preventing overheating reduces pain and inflammation, mitigates further physical stress and contributes to increased comfort during exercise.


Interval training is a scientifically proven method to efficiently improve strength, endurance and performance. Each Vasper session is 20 minutes long, consisting of a warmup and a succession of sprints and rest intervals. The software is designed to precisely customize the pressure, resistance and intensity allowing anyone to benefit, regardless of age or physical ability.

Who uses Vasper