Current Projects

Vasper is dedicated to developing research projects at respected institutions all over the world. Our partnerships support unbiased investigations into the effect of Vasper in a diverse set of conditions and populations. 


Vasper Cardiac Rehabilitation Study

Wise Health Center, TX


Vasper and NASA Astronaut Health

NASA Johnson SPACE Center, TX


Vasper for Parkinson's relief Study



Post concussive syndrome vasper Treatment Study

Cantu concussion center, MA


Vasper vo2 Max Effect Study

WISE Health Center, TX


vasper platelet rich plasma progenitor cell study

Andrews orthopedic institute, FL


vasper vitality project

stanford University, ca


vasper veteran wellness study

co springs human performance & Rehabilitation, CO


veteran polytrauma rehabilitation vasper project

va palo alto, CA


vasper diabetes management project

north hawaii community hospital, hi