Athletic Performance

Reach higher anaerobic levels and avoid overtraining at lower intensities by supplementing strength and conditioning with active recovery for performance gains and optimized hormone balance. Vasper's compression, cooling, and high intensity interval technology can upgrade your training through:

✔️ Increased Energy and Endurance
✔️ Augmented Cognitive Function
✔️ Enhanced Muscle Mass and Strength

✔️ Improved Sleep Quality
✔️ Optimized Hormone Balance
✔️ Relieved Pain
✔️ Reduced Inflammation
✔️ Minimized Joint Loading and Muscle Tissue Damag

Jeffrey R. Gladden M.D. FACC

Director of Cardiology Services, Wise Regional Hospital, TEXAS

"I know of no other exercise that provides such dramatic gains in strength, endurance, and performance in such a short amount of time. Vasper has become a cornerstone in our performance optimization programs."



"I first started using Vasper a couple of years ago. I was excited to try it out, and learn about all the technology behind the product. Within 20 minutes of my first use, I had the endorphin rush that you can usually only achieve after a much longer workout. It helps with my recoveries after strenuous workouts on and off the ice during training. I don’t feel as tired, I sleep much better and just feel so much healthier and stronger overall since beginning to use Vasper. When I do vasper before my workouts I have some of my best workouts. I can maybe compare it to like a runner’s high. It’s unbelievable."

Darryl Kan MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Queens Medical Center Hawaii, Former NFL Quarterback

"The science and technology of Vasper is light years ahead of its time. It has tremendous potential to revolutionize how we address strength training and rehabilitation."