Health and Wellness


Decrease stress, improve sleep quality, and restore youthful function in just 20 minutes without being limited by the conventional roadblocks of aging or illness. Vasper's powerful combination of compression, cooling, and high intensity interval training can benefit your health and wellness through:

✔️          Improved Sleep Quality
✔️          Accelerated Metabolism and Weight Loss
✔️          Bolstered Cardiovascular Health
✔️          Optimized Hormone Production
✔️          Augmented Glucose Metabolism
✔️          Diminished Stress
✔️          Enhanced Libido
✔️          Relieved Pain
✔️          Reduced Inflammation
✔️          Augmented Cognitive Function
✔️          Rejuvenated Mood

Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach

The moment I heard about Vasper I knew it would be a game changer for me. I anticipated that it would be a miracle machine on many different levels and that has proven to be the case. Definitely a lifetime extender breakthrough.

Over the rest 15 months of using it more than 3x weekly, I’ve gained 6 pounds of muscle, lost 14 pounds of fat, increased my testosterone score from 379 to 697, and have enjoyed the most relaxed, energized, creative, and productive period of my life. All of this at age 72, and I can see these performance results continuing for another 30-40 years.

My success story has so far persuaded 30+ other Strategic Coach entrepreneurs to purchase their own Vasper."

Richard Rossi

Founder and CEO DaVinci Education Inc

"We all want “the pill” - that mystical object that will keep us in optimal mental and physical condition with no work on our part. And we all know there is no “pill”, right? Well, I’m convinced Vasper is as close as you can get.
Imagine a world where you get on a recumbent bike size device and in 20 minutes you have finished a 2 hour workout for your heart and muscles. A world where if you are sweating you are working too hard - where working out more than 3 or 4 times a week is actually “over exercising”? A world where your whole body chemistry starts changing for the better - glucose, testosterone, human growth hormone and more. 
Fat melts, muscle builds.

NASA, The Navy SEALs, Olympians, sports teams and more are on the band wagon. If you can afford Vasper you will live healthy and strong."

J. Timothy Murphy

Family Practice Physician Novato, CA

"Vasper has been a tremendous addition to our Family Practice office. 

We view Vasper as a powerful and natural way to proactively enhance health, be it a young athletic adult wanting to raise the bar, or a woman with a closed head injury wanting to sharpen her cognitive processing, or a post-op patient eager to regain function, or an 81 year old cyclist wanting to keep up his weekly mileage, or a frail elderly woman not wanting to fall anymore. Many clients simply feel better and appreciate the boost to their conditioning and overall health. Some have said, “It has changed my life.” One of our most striking stories is of a gentleman with multiple myeloma, who has grown weaker in recent years, and who was hospitalized last summer with an overwhelming systemic infection. Eleven months later, and after traditional physical therapy, he was still so weak and unsteady that he could barely transfer from bed to wheelchair. After 3 lowest level Vasper sessions, he was making transfers much more confidently, and after six weeks he walked from his parked car into the office with only a cane. Vasper changed his life."